New Year, New me?

Ok, so this is a little bit of a hot button issue for me. I am a makeup artist, and my job in most people's eyes is to "fix flaws". And every January 1st all of those glaring insecurities come flooding in full force. I am inundated with posts, commercials, and clients all going on about this whole "New Year, New Me" idea. And it gives me all the feels ... but in a BAD way.

In my eyes makeup is the art of storytelling. Have you ever heard RuPaul's famous quote, "You're born naked and the rest is Drag"? Well, I believe that whole-heartedly. Everyday we step out into the world we are giving people visual cues as to who we are at first glance. The way you style your hair, the clothing you wear, the shoes on your feet, and YES the makeup on your face. Now MY JOB, as I see it, is to help your makeup give the correct cues as to who it is you want to reflect back to the world. The same goes for the shoots I'm a part of (film/fashion/commercial/etc) what character am I helping to convey the visual information for? And how can makeup help deliver that?

What I DON'T want to be is someone that is making people look "better". Beauty standards can go take a flying leap in my opinion. Rock that Roman nose, embrace that Rubenesque bod, find the beauty in your porcelain skin. There is no RIGHT way of doing things. For once let's actually embrace the reality of "YOU DO YOU".

Are you an out of the box thinker who wants to read, ARTIST at first glance? Let me help you find a fabulously unorthodox lip color that is the perfect counterpoint to your exuberant Iris Apfel eyewear. Are you conservative and understated? Great! A fresh face with some non distracting cosmetics might be just the thing for you. Do you hate your nose, and kinda wish it would just fall off your face? Oh honey .... we've got to restrategize here. Let's give your face some extra love. Let's find those things you adore about yourself and put some extra focus and flare there! That nose has a long history of DNA from generations of people that all survived long enough to get you HERE! Be proud!

In this world of Kim Kardashian, and the contour craze - we are all obsessed with perfecting ourselves in such a way that it almost completely detaches from the reality of who we are. This year let's do it differently. Lets be the best versions of OURSELVES, loud and proud. Let's start a makeup revolution. It's not about covering up or erasing the face. Instead let's EMBRACE THE FACE. I promise you will never look lovelier than when you love yourself. So why don't I close with another RuPaul quote while I'm at it: If you can't love yourself, how the HELL are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an AMEN?

Photo: Bryce Boyer.

Model: Elle Wagner of Wilhelmina Denver.

Hair: Matthew Morris.

Makeup: Katelyn Simkins.

Retouching: Elizabeth Riley.