New Year, New me?

New Year, New me?

Ok, so this is a little bit of a hot button issue for me. I am a makeup artist, and my job in most people's eyes is to "fix flaws". And every January 1st all of those glaring insecurities come flooding in full force. I am inundated with posts, commercials, and clients all going on about this whole "New Year, New Me" idea. And it gives me all the feels ... but in a BAD way.

Photo: Bryce Boyer.

Model: Elle Wagner of Wilhelmina Denver.

Hair: Matthew Morris.

Makeup: Katelyn Simkins.

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New pics from Utierre look book shoot.

I am SO excited about these new images from photographer Kevin Alexander! The collection by Oscar Utierre is really groundbreaking as all his pieces are unisex. Gender fluidity is something we should all embrace. Our shell is ours to adorn as we see fit - an outer expression of who we are inside. Bravo to this all around stellar team!

Clothing by Oscar Utierre

Photos by Kevin Alexander

Models by Wilhelmina Denver, Donna Baldwin and Revolution Management (Liv Walker, Maverick McConnell, Nichole Martinez)

Hair by Dawn Steffensmeier-Pappas

Makeup by Katelyn Simkins

Testing, testing 123 ...

2015 has certainly started with a bang. With a move to New York on the horizon, and some very creatively inspiring projects replicating at an alarming rate here in Denver I'm starting to envision a future in which I can be whatever the Denver version of bi-coastal would be called ... mid-land-uni-coastal? Either way, I'm excited for the many adventures that lay ahead!

This last month had a couple wonderful days of shooting with photographer Kevin Alexander, hair stylist extraordinaire Charlie Price and some stunning models that are really starting to kick some ass on a global stage. Zella Christenson (Trump Models), Emma Reins (One Management), Brittni Tucker (DNA models), Kari Riley (Revolution Management) and more...

Here are some of the fun results we've produced.